The Brickyard

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This hotel is a former glazed tile factory where every room has a one-and-a-half story window wall and private terrace to view the Great Wall by day and the stars by night. You’ll be greeted with a smile from staff, who often come from the local villages; the gardens you pass may provide your next meal.

During the day, hike the wild Great Wall or explore the local villages. Try a local restaurant or enjoy fine dining at nearby Schoolhouse that owns and operates the Brickyard. Seek well-being of body and mind through a yoga class next to the lotus pond. Relax with a sauna, a jacuzzi, or a massage treatment in the Spa. No televisions or phones to disturb the peace, but wireless internet for those who can't do without.

The Schoolhouse restaurant is now open for group booking only. Brickyard guests re welcome to dine at our lodge restaurant, which is open daily and serves a menu of fresh, home-made foods.
Venue name: The Brickyard
Opening hours: Year round
English address: Yingbeigou Cun, Huairou district
Chinese address: 怀柔区营北沟村
  • 4 out of 5 stars