Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel (北京拉斐特城堡酒店)

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Bei Qijiazhen
Set in Beijing's northern Changping district is Château Laffitte Hotel, an excruciatingly faithful reproduction of architect François Mansart’s 17th-century Baroque marvel that cost 50 million USD. Using original blueprints and over 10,000 photographs, his army of minions painstakingly replicated the château brick-for-brick, decking it out with identical installations of crystal chandeliers, intricate wall murals and pristine marble floors. If you’re looking to make a night out of it, you can also baroque your socks off and luxuriate in the spa or enjoy the palatial grandeur of the Presidential Suite for a cool 12,800RMB a night.
Vive la Replica!
Venue name: Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel (北京拉斐特城堡酒店)
English address: Bei Qijiazhen Changping district
Chinese address: 昌平区北七家镇
  • 4 out of 5 stars