Grand Bay Hot Spring Hotel 北京海湾半山温泉酒店

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Photo: Grand Bay Hotel 
36 Mixi Lu
For a luxurious and serene getaway that's just a short drive from the city, set off for The Grand Bay Hotel, Beijing. Nestled in the mountains of Miyun district, the hotel boasts a majestic view of the picturesque hills and easy access to several nearby attractions.

Grand Bay Hotel Beijing 1

Your walk up to the hotel will be nothing short of impressive, its contemporary Chinese royal courtyard-style architecture and a lobby decked out in traditional Chinese elements an attraction in itself.

Conveniently located near scenic areas such as Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool), Qingliang Gu (Cool Valley) and Nanshan Ski Resort, the hotel is also an attractive destination for outdoor explorers. But it's the warm baths you'll want to check out. Pick one of the hotel's 12 enticing hot spring spas to dip in, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that give a charming view of the mountains without letting winter get its cold hands on you.

Grand Bay Hotel Beijing 2

These pools, however, offer more than just warmth and comfort from the cold. The baths are filled with products such as ginger, green tea, milk and more with supposed medicinal effects. Gimmicky or real TCM? We'll let you decide.

Grand Bay Hotel Beijing 4

Have a bath all to yourselves by booking a room or even a courtyard with its own hot spring pool.

"Grand Bay Hotel Beijing 3"
Private room with its own outdoor bath

"Grand Bay Hotel Beijing 5"
Private courtyard with its own hot spring

If that's not enough to keep the kids happy, then trek them to the hotel's indoor playground. The 1,200sqm of indoor fun offers a variety of activities such as slides, a treehouse, trampolines, ball pools and more.
Venue name: Grand Bay Hot Spring Hotel 北京海湾半山温泉酒店
Opening hours: Whole day
English address: 36 Mixi Lu, Miyun district
Chinese address: 密云区密溪路35号院
  • 4 out of 5 stars