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17 Gulou Xi Dajie

Don’t let its inconspicuous Gulou Xi Dajie hideaway fool you – Indie Music is a massive player in the Chinese music industry, both inside and out of this miniscule, vinyl-packed cupboard. Indie Music has a decent selection of genuine, imported CDs starting at a very reasonable 45RMB.

The owner’s tastes clearly stretch to the left field of indie as evidenced by a number of discs from experimental label Ninja Tunes, on the shelves plus more squirreled away at his house (ask to see a list). Beijingers who struggle to find vinyl elsewhere will be thrilled to see four cardboard boxes bulging with records covering rock, metal, hip-hop and more. There are also plenty of mainstream tunes; we spotted the latest T.Swift for 120RMB, but local bands will cost you considerably less.

A prime spot for anyone looking to get deep into the Chinese music scene, and those already well into it.

One of Beijing's best music stores
Venue name: Indie Music
Opening hours: 1pm-11pm daily
English address: 17 Gulou Xi Dajie, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区鼓楼西大街17号

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