Omni Space (疆进酒)

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Omni Space
9 Tianqiao Nan Dajie
With a buzzing atmosphere that belies its position as part of the Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre complex, Omni Space has solid acoustics and natty hardware and subsequently imbues gigs with the kind of sound quality that is a step up from many of the venues here in Beijing. Although it's in a quiet area of town that is far removed, both metaphorically and literally, from the bright lights and chaos of live music heartland Gulou, we're fans of it's understated charm.
Venue name: Omni Space (疆进酒)
English address: Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre, 9 Tianqiao Nan Dajie, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区天桥南大街9号楼
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