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Guangshun Nan Dajie

A Korean-run, Vietnamese restaurant in Beijing that cooks better Thai curries than it does Vietnamese specialities. Confusing, we know. But the generous portions, alternative offerings and chic-but-laid-back atmosphere make this a good spot for a chilled lunch or dinner.

Original review

We were excited to hear about a new Vietnamese restaurant opening in Wangjing. Sure, that part of town has Korean cuisine on lock – and we’re grateful for it – but it’s slim pickings for other international options.

Our enthusiasm dampens slightly on entering the space. Face a certain way and everything looks on point with the evolving aesthetic of Beijing’s hipper restaurants – chic wooden furniture and clean lines. Turn your head though, and things tumble out of control as you spot massive, neon-coloured translucent panes dividing the room.

The menu brings excitement – banh xeo and bun cha? These are things we haven’t seen since Hanoi. In reality, the bahn xeo (filled crepe, 58RMB) that arrives – limp and flavourless – is not at all the transformative experience that we remember tucking into during the sweltering summer heat in Vietnam. Hanoi’s bun cha is served street-side on small plastic stools for 8RMB. You grab a couple bits of grilled fatty pork, a bundle of cold vermicelli noodles and a heaping pile of wild greens and swish it through a bowl of salty-sweet dipping sauce for an outrageous bite. Flor de Loto’s bun cha (88RMB) recalls this vaguely, but the fact that they think pale lettuce will do it for the greens should tell you all you need to know. They’ve got beef pho here, too. The broth is delicate and balanced – if not slightly weak – but skip the bland shredded meat (medium 53RMB). Perhaps we would have fared better with the ‘Pho Fresh Beef’ (medium 53RMB).

Weirdly, Flor de Loto has a defter hand with the Thai-style curries. The yellow curry (92RMB) really pops with notes of lemongrass, lime and just enough heat to make mouths tingle. The primary cuisine might not be much good, but we’d come back just for this.

Venue name: Flor de Loto
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm daily
English address: Shop 201, Second Floor, Building A, ULO Park Building, Guangshun Nan Dajie, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区广顺南大街悠乐汇A座2层201
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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