Living Room Coffee and Hostel

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23 Tan'er Hutong
Living Room Coffee is a cozy little café in a renovated 70-year-old hutong house tucked away in Tan'er Hutong just off of Yangmeizhu Xiejie. The quiet, light-filled coffee-house has its seating grouped around a large, communal table. The menu is a compact two pages, featuring their home-brewed 'Two white cats seasonal blend'.

The back room serves as a spacious four-bed hostel rented out on Airbnb.
Venue name: Living Room Coffee and Hostel
Opening hours: 10:30am-8pm Tues-Sun
English address: 23 Tan'er Hutong, Xicheng
Chinese address: 北京市西城区炭儿胡同23号

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