Shique Xiao Wu (石雀小屋)

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27 Shique Hutong
Capacity at this tiny café doesn’t make it too far into double digits and even though there's no food and the coffee menu is basic, we can see how it's already a favourite for many – us included. Tucked away in a Beixinqiao hutong, it feels more like a sitting room than a café, stacked full of shelves of books, assembled trinkets and a couple of couches. That homeliness is matched by a warm, personal feel that's mostly missing from larger Beijing cafés – it's so small that you're essentially left with no choice but to strike up conversation with whoever's in there, and the marvellously welcoming owner, Ningzhu. Pretty refreshing. For the size and selection of coffees, teas, and wines, prices here are reasonable but good to note that each person who sits must order.

Why go It’s the ultimate cosy corner for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city
Good for Catching up on your read-one-book-a-month-challenge that you’ve put off for some time now
Coffee for two 50RMB
Venue name: Shique Xiao Wu (石雀小屋)
Opening hours: 10am-9.30pm Mon-Sun
English address: 27, Shique Hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区石雀胡同27号
  • 4 out of 5 stars