Coffee Cuore

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39 Maizidian Xi Jie
This riverside hideaway is a hidden gem if there ever was one. Entering through a fairly scruffy, generic building on Maizidian Xi Jie, a visit to Coffee Cuore seems misguided until you come through the narrow doorway, which opens onto a wide, river-facing café, with ample light, space and peace and quiet. Coffee here is well-made and reasonably priced (from 25RMB), and the standard-fare food options – salads, cakes and pastries – just about hit the mark, but in what feels like the driest city on earth, an aqua-side seat and vista is the pleasant treat you come here for.

Good for Tranquil riverside relaxation; hiding away from the world
Eat this Western café salad and sandwich staples, passable pastries and a small selection of cooked food
What’s nearby Embassies, flower markets, the Liangmahe
Coffee and pastry for two 100RMB
Venue name: Coffee Cuore
English address: 39, Maizidian Xi Jie, Chaoyang district
  • 4 out of 5 stars