Chan Kong Kei Shuangjing (陈光记烧味饭店)

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36 Guangqu Lu
Six-decade-old Macanese spot Chan Kong Kei (or Chen Guang Ji in Mandarin pronunciation) was featured in the Hong Kong & Macau 2017 Michelin guide, lauded for its excellent range of value roast meats, and now it's got two Beijing outlets in Sanlitun and Shuangjing. Black pepper roast duck is the signature, but there's an extensive roster of rou, with marinated beef, chicken, pork, goose and more duck – wings, breast, feet, ears, hearts, nothing is wasted – available to order solo, or with rice or noodles.

Prices are excellent for food of such pedigree – Michelin isn't all about white-table-cloth haute cuisine, after all – with a shuangpinfan (双拼饭, from 28RMB) a great way to sample two meats, served with rice and pak choi.
Venue name: Chan Kong Kei Shuangjing (陈光记烧味饭店)
Opening hours: Open 11am-9pm daily
English address: First floor, Building 4, Shoucheng Guoji 36 Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区广渠路36号首城国际4号一层
  • 4 out of 5 stars