Bestease (百易素食)

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Image: courtesy of Bestease
9 Jiqing Li Chaowai Bei Jie
Specialising in hand-pulled noodles, this down-to-earth Chinese chain offers super affordable, satisfying riffs on all your favourite Chinese noodle dishes such as zhajiangmian, tomato noodles, liangpi and more. The house special here, however, is the Bestease lamian (12-20RMB), a comforting, steaming bowl of noodles, broth and tofu that comes in four different portion sizes (make sure you've got a healthy appetite before ordering the large). They also offer mushroom chuanr (12RMB for two skewers), which taste eerily like the real thing thanks to their deliciously crispy exteriors and liberal coating of cumin, plus an extensive list of cold dishes.

Bestease currently has three locations across Beijing in Chaoyangmen, Taiyanggong and Guomao.
Venue name: Bestease (百易素食)
English address: Building E, Lanchou Mingzuo, 9 Jiqing Li, Chaowai Bei Jie, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区吉庆里9号蓝筹名座E座
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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