Zhengyang Bookstore (正阳书局)

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43 Xisi Nan Dajie

This tucked-away bookshop and tearoom is the second branch of the Qianmen antique bookstore, Zhengyang Bookstore. Located in a tranquil courtyard by an ancient pagoda, it's the ideal spot to sit back and relax with a cup of tea and some old books. While the majority of volumes are in Chinese, there is a small selection are English-language books available.

Books range from 50-150RMB and tea is sold for 68-108RMB a pot.

Also, adjacent to Zhengyang Bookstore is Zhuanta Hutong (砖塔胡同), which is said to be the oldest hutong in Beijing. Dating from the Yuan Dynasty (1267- 1368), it’s known as the earliest recorded alley, and thus the foundation of Beijing’s famous hutongs. Renowned Chinese writer Lu Xun lived at No 84 from 1923-24, which is why the hutong was ultimately preserved rather than demolished like many of its compatriots – not because it was, say, incredibly historical in its own right or anything.

Venue name: Zhengyang Bookstore (正阳书局)
Opening hours: 9am-8pm Mon-Sun
English address: 43 Xisi Nan Dajie, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区西四南大街43号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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