Triple-Major (药)

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26 Yangmeizhu Xiejie

It took us a bit of searching to find Triple-Major this time around. A heavy in the Beijing boutique scene, it recently left its Baochao hutong location of four years for the greener, hipper pastures of Dashilar. The new space only opened at the beginning of the year, but already promises huge things. The aesthetic is as Beijing as it gets in this expertly renovated hutong spot. It’s worth a gander even if you won’t be buying.

While there’s a healthy spread of local and domestic designers, Triple- Major also promotes independent brands from abroad like BLESS (Berlin) and ALL Knitwear (Brooklyn).

Venue name: Triple-Major (药)
Opening hours: 2-7pm Tue-Sun
English address: 26 Yangmeizhu Xiejie, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区杨梅竹斜街26号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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