Sanyuanli Vegetable Market (三源里菜市场)

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Image: Clara De Pauw
Shunyuan Jie

The citywide standard for international produce, fresh produce and dry goods, Sanyuanli Market is located within close proximity to embassies, hotels and restaurant hotspots. Given its prime location, it's the perfect one-stop shop to stock up on a varied selection of produce. With over 130 vendors, Sanyuanli carries a wide range of hard-to-find imported products, such as almond milk, Weetabix and Speculoos spread, to name but a few.

The layout of the market is straightforward and easy to navigate; an extended hallway with shopfronts on either side is organised and sectioned off into food categories. The market acknowledges its popularity amongst the expat community and makes efforts to accommodate foreigners with plenty of bilingual signage – the majority of vendors can also speak basic English.

Venue name: Sanyuanli Vegetable Market (三源里菜市场)
Opening hours: 7am-7pm daily
English address: Shunyuan Jie, 1 Shunyuanli, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区顺源街顺源里1号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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