Shengfu Xiaoguan Market (盛福小关市场)

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Image: Yvette de Pauw
Xiangheyuan Lu

Located near Sanyuanli Market, Shengfu Xiaoguan Market is the quintessential Beijing market with its lively (read: rowdy) atmosphere, affordable produce and stamp of approval from locals. A fixture in the capital for over 20 years, a shifu we speak to also mentions that it's one of the cheapest markets in the city centre as 'one kilo of green beans will only cost you 5RMB.'

Renovated in January 2018, this market now boasts a central heating and air conditioning system to take customers through Beijing's freezing winters and sweltering summers. The central warehouse hosts roughly 160 vendors selling fresh seasonal produce, with fruit and vegetables occupying the central component of the market surrounded by deli products and spices. Although the market is renowned amongst local residents, its location can make it slightly obscure for expats. With that being said, we also recommended getting to the market via public transportation or bike due to its poor parking options.

Venue name: Shengfu Xiaoguan Market (盛福小关市场)
Opening hours: 6.00am-3.00pm daily (closed on Chinese New Year)
English address: Xiangheyuan Lu, Dongzhimenwai Xiaoguan, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区香河园路东直门外小关盛福产品市场
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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