Temple Theatre Beijing Opera House (正乙祠)

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Image: courtesy of official site
220 Qianmen Xi Heyan
With a spectacular interior, the theatre lays claim to being one of the oldest and best-preserved wooden buildings in Beijing. Built in 1667 as an ancestral shrine, it later expanded into a playhouse where masters of Peking opera such as Mei Lanfang regularly held court. The theatre is famous for Peking opera and Kunqu (昆曲), a form of opera that originated from Jiangsu province, as well as a variety of other performing arts, including avant-garde dance. The theatre is only open during performance times for ticket holders.

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Venue name: Temple Theatre Beijing Opera House (正乙祠)
Opening hours: Only during performance times.
English address: 220 Qianmen Xi Heyan, Xuanwu district
Chinese address: 宣武区前门西河沿220号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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