Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (毛泽东纪念堂)

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Tiananmen Square (south side)

Allegedly built in just six months by the Chinese people in a propaganda-heavy show of dedication to their deceased leader (in defiance of his wish to be cremated), the Memorial Hall contains the embalmed corpse of Mao in a crystal coffin which is raised and lowered from an underground freezer every day.

A respectful, even holy atmosphere exists inside, with Chinese people buying gaudy plastic flowers to lay at the bottom of his statue and others praying. Visitors are allowed relatively close to the corpse, but unfortunately not for long enough to work out which one of his ears was supposed to have fallen off.

Bags and cameras must be checked in before entering, and it’s advisable to get there early.

Venue name: Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (毛泽东纪念堂)
Opening hours: 8am-midday, Tue-Sun.
Admission: FREE
English address: Tiananmen Square (south side) Dongcheng
Chinese address: 东城区东城区天安门广场南
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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