Beijing Classic Car Museum (北京老爷车博物馆)

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19 Fengxiangyiyuan
At this enormous warehouse in Huairou district, former government chauffeur-turned-collector Luo Wenyou keeps the majority of his 200 or so classic cars, among them a plush 1975 limo made by the Chinese brand Hongqi as a gift for Mao Zedong. He died before he could receive it, but now it’s the centrepiece of Luo’s collection, which has been on show to the public since 2009. Others include the collector’s first – a 1950’s Polish Warszawa, bought for 5,000RMB in 1979, shortly after the Cultural Revolution. For more classic car porn and our full interview with Luo here.

Don’t miss The stocky 1945 ZIS car with a shattered window pane that was used by Liu Shaoqi, President of China from 1959 to 1968. Liu was accused of being a traitor during the Cultural Revolution, and Red Guards would regularly throw stones at his vehicle.
Estimated time Two hours.
English provisions Only the names of models are in English.

Venue name: Beijing Classic Car Museum (北京老爷车博物馆)
Opening hours: 8.30am-5pm Tue-Sun (9am-4pm from October 11)
Admission: 50RMB
English address: 19 Fengxiangyiyuan, Yangsongzhen, Huairou district
Chinese address: 怀柔区杨宋镇怀柔区杨宋镇风翔一园19号
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