China Railway Museum Zhengyangmen Branch (中国铁道博物馆正阳门馆)

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2 Qianmen Dong Dajie
Located at the south-east corner of Tiananmen Square, this centrally located branch of the China Railway Museum (also known as the Beijing Railway museum) is a space geared towards the history of locomotives in China. The museum is laid out in a timeline format, telling the story from China’s first commercial railway in 1876 to today’s modern bullet trains through a mixture of info boards (mostly in Mandarin only) and historical artefacts (descriptions in English). Everything from century-old switching posts to modern-day steel sleepers are on display.

Don’t miss The train simulator (10RMB) puts you in the cab of a modern-day high-speed train – sit behind the driver and watch the CGI scenery speed past you.
Estimated time One hour.
English provisions Not comprehensive, but decent translations and labelling.
Venue name: China Railway Museum Zhengyangmen Branch (中国铁道博物馆正阳门馆)
Opening hours: 9am-4pm Tue-Sun
Admission: 20RMB
English address: 2 Qianmen Dong Dajie Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区前门东大街2号
  • 4 out of 5 stars