Wanda Plaza's Qinzi Dongwu Leyuan万达广场亲子动物乐园

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Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Nanyuan Xi Lu
This adorable animal mini-paradise is built on a large open space right outside the Wanda Plaza. Unlike the bigger, more crowded zoos, this petting zoo is clean and a refreshing sight to see. For fans of little furry creatures, little rabbits will be waiting for you and your kids, especially since they know you'll have a snack for them at the ready. There's also an alpaca, a pony-riding area, and peacocks flaunting their gorgeous feathers. Despite its small size, it'll still keep the kids busy for the rest of the day.

Best for kids up to 8 years old, this petting zoo will keep the kids busy entertained for the rest of the day.
Venue name: Wanda Plaza's Qinzi Dongwu Leyuan万达广场亲子动物乐园
Opening hours: Open 9.30am-5pm
Admission: Parent-child ticket 88RMB
Mobile: 136 8158 4072
English address: Wanda Plaza Huaifang branch, Nanyuan Xi Lu, Fengtai district
Chinese address: 丰台区南苑西路槐房万达广场
  • 4 out of 5 stars