MK Reptile theme park 魔界爬行动物主题公园

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Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
Photos: Yadan and Linran
250m east from the intersection of Yü'an Lu and Jianjun Jie, Gaoliying Zhen
This reptile theme park in Shunyi is more than just mere sights and sounds. Learn more about the animals of the titular name with the daily interactive teacher-led classes (in Chinese only) where kids get a closer look at the animals in the park and learn more about insects, the different insect specimens, the pythons and more. For the bold, see if you dare try to touch the python, and for those who prefer a more meek creature, touch the shells of the big turtles roaming the gardens instead and maybe see where they're headed.

Though reptiles are the main attraction, there are also other animals in the park. Pay the parrot garden a visit and check out the love birds flying around which you can feed as well. There are also other animals you can feed and horses and camels you can ride. And as you can expect from any kid-friendly location, you'll also find a small play area, an amusement park, a small food area (to soothe those growling tummies) and even pet stalls.
Venue name: MK Reptile theme park 魔界爬行动物主题公园
Opening hours: Open 10am-6pm daily
Admission: 39RMB
Mobile: 156 0073 7070
English address: 250m east from the intersection of Yü'an Lu and Jianjun Jie, Gaoliying Zhen, Shunyi district
Chinese address: 高丽营镇裕安路与建军街交口北行250米路东
  • 4 out of 5 stars