Beijing Ulugu Tropical Botanical Gardens (呀路古热带植物园)

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Image: Zhang Pan Pan
104 Guodaozhu Zhuang
Take a day trip to the city's largest tropical botanical garden, a fifty-minute drive away from central Beijing. The park is mainly decorated with folk houses and totem cultures reminiscent of the China's southwestern minority culture.

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The Ulugu Tropical Botanical Gardens is open all-year round except on Mondays. If you're looking to warm up, make a beeline to the botanical garden's indoor scenic area, a temporary respite from winter with the warmth of a manmade indoor rainforest.

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Here you'll also little fountains, tiny brooks, entwined vines, plants and even animals such as peacocks, ostriches, goats, horses and more. Food for the animals are also available for purchase, but be extra cautious when feeding these hungry little fellows below...

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There are also other activities for older children including crossing a net bridge and more. There is also a vegetable picking garden, swings, rock climbing spaces, children's mazes, jungle adventures and more. There are also performances but they only occur twice a day: at 10.30am and at 1pm. Fees vary depending on the activity.

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Original reporting by Zhang Panpan
Venue name: Beijing Ulugu Tropical Botanical Gardens (呀路古热带植物园)
Opening hours: Tue-Sun Winter: 8am-5pm Summer: 8.30am-5.30pm
Admission: 60RMB for adults, 40RMB for senior citizens, disab
English address: Beijing Ulugu Tropical Botanical Gardens 104 Guodaozhu Zhuang Changziying Town Daxing district
Chinese address: 大兴区长子营镇104国道朱庄北口北行200米
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