Nanhaizi Milu Park 南海子麋鹿苑

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Photo: Yadan and Linran
Photo: Yadan and Linran
Photo: Yadan and Linran
Jiugong Lu, Jiugong Zhen
Head off for an ecological adventure at this nature reserve out in the Daxing district, complete with swamps, pastures, woodlands and ponds. And out exploring this wonderful space are a variety of deers, including elks, Indian hog deers, sika deers, white-lipped deers, red deers and more.

As one of China's first free-range Elk Nature Reserves and as a part of Beijing's Biodiversity Research Base, Nanhaizi Milu Park is just part of a bigger picture. Also within the area is an Elk Museum, the Extinct Animal Monument, and a number of science exhibition boards scattered around the park. By having a more personal or closer interaction with the animals, the centre hopes to inspire children to engage more in environmental protection and, of course, science.

For those who would like to observe the animals in their natural habitats, the reserve has a tour bus where guests can ride and watch the animals from afar. Kids three and up also have a chance at feeding the elks.
Venue name: Nanhaizi Milu Park 南海子麋鹿苑
Opening hours: Open Tue-Sun 9am-4pm
English address: Jiugong Lu, Jiugong Zhen, Daxing district
Chinese address: 大兴区旧宫镇旧忠路
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