Longtan Park (龙潭公园)

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Photo: Kenneth Tan
8 Longtanhu Lu
One of the largest modern parks inside Beijing's Second Ring, Longtan Park boasts elegantly arched bridges, towering rock formations – and a whole lot of recreational activities for kids. Take a duck-shaped boat (30-60RMB) to the island, where kids can zip around on their rollerblades or ride in the Challenger, a virtual spaceship not designed for the claustrophobic (15RMB). The play area has an indoor playground (20RMB), an outdoor play area and the requisite rides – trampolines, mini ferris wheel and helicopter rides (all 8RMB). Bigger kids can enjoy the plethora of Chinese gym equipment, badminton courts, sporting and games quarters. A climbing wall and an old MiG fighter jet complete the picture of unabashed fun.
Venue name: Longtan Park (龙潭公园)
Opening hours: Daily 6am-9.30pm
Admission: 2RMB
English address: 8 Longtanhu Lu, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区龙潭路8号(近华普超市)
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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