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Located in the tranquil surrounds of Guozijian, near Confucius Temple, is Fnji (pronounced ‘Fanji’), a beautifully curated furniture shop and café in a refurbished courtyard home.

The two-storey shop is stocked with homewares from Chinese and Japanese designers as well as designs by Fnji owner Gu Qigao. It’s the brand’s second location in Beijing, the first is near their workshop in Shunyi. The simplistic, contemporary wooden tables, chairs and beds are made with dark but lightweight American walnut and pale but heavy American ash.

Gao, whose schooling is in industrial design, first launched a café called The Drawer in Xiamen in 2010. It’s this that inspired him to install a beautiful courtyard café inside the current shop.

‘I like the simplicity in design. People who take a piece of Fnji furniture home can use it for a long time because of the wood we use and mortise and tenon joint technique. Focusing on Chinese daily life, we hope to take the furniture as the starting point and create a new lifestyle to influence a much more aesthetic temperament and interest in all dimensions of life.’

Our favourite place is the café, where you live vicariously through Gao’s artistic vision. As for his designs, we adore the slender, long Buddhist Chair (from 7,200RMB), Eave Round Angle Dining Table (from 5,500RMB) and Eight-Square Concave Stool (960RMB). This second branch of Fnji is the latest opening in a string of high-end furniture shops over the last few years, a trend Gao attributes to increasing consumer sophistication.

‘Chinese people’s tastes are changing regarding home furnishings. In the past, people bought a piece of furniture because they could use it, and utility was the only thing that concerned them,’ says Gao. Nowadays, people buy something not only for its practical applicability, but also its design, if it is artistic and beautiful or not.’

Venue name: FNJI (梵几)
English address: 41 Guozijian Rd (near Confucius Temple) Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区国子监街41号(安定门内)

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